Providing the ZDHC community with the tools and information needed, to support better sourcing decisions

Chemical Module

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Moduleis an advanced search engine for formulations that are conforming to ZDHC's MRSL (following ZDHC's Conformance Guidance) supporting textile- and leather manufacturer to find safer alternatives and drive substitution of hazardous chemicals. Brands and textile, footwear, and leather suppliers use the Chemical Module to ensure conformance with ZDHC industry standards to reduce hazardous chemical use. 

Wastewater Module

The ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure wastewater discharge does not adversely affect the environment and surrounding communities. The ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module* is a global online platform to register and share verified wastewater test data for the textile and apparel industry.

*The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module and Wastewater Module are powered by ADEC Innovations