The universally accepted input stream report, clear results and guidance to improve chemical inputs

Textile, leather and footwear suppliers know that excellent chemistry starts at the source, however, they may find it challenging to communicate their conformance efforts and success to their customers. The ZDHC InCheck report, a new universally accepted chemical inventory standard for input stream management, is an easy to read report of chemical inventory that provides suppliers with a benchmark score of their ZDHC MRSL conformance. ZDHC InCheck reports evaluate a number of factors across the products against chemical formulators, and calculates a score that summarises those factors for customers.

A ZDHC InCheck report can be printed or shared electronically via PDF with customers and other stakeholders. It will be available from mid 2018 through the ZDHC InCheck Tool in the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module.

ZDHC InCheck reports are digitally signed by ZDHC, proving authenticity, and providing a universal way for suppliers to check and understand their level of ZDHC MRSL conformance. Suppliers will get clear results and guidance to improve the quality of their chemical inputs, assure their customers of ZDHC MRSL conformance and grow their business.


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General release: June 2018