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ZDHC adds SciveraLENS® ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard

November 13, 2019

ZDHC is proud to announce SciveraLENS® as the newest ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard to indicate conformance to the ZDHC MRSL.

ZDHC approves SciveraLENS® as additional ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard of ZDHC MRSL Conformance


The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme is proud to announce SciveraLENS® as the newest ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard to indicate conformance to the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL).

ZDHC decided from the outset not to develop its own certification system to indicate conformance to  the ZDHC MRSL but rather to work with existing certifications as indicators of conformance. With SciveraLENS® as an additional ZDHC Accepted Certification Standard, there are now seven accepted certifiers of ZDHC MRSL conformance; click here for the full list.

“We are pleased to have SciveraLENS® joining as a ZDHC Accepted MRSL Conformance Certification Standard”, says Scott Echols, ZDHC Programme Director. “Scivera brings several years of experience performing alternative assessments and reviewing chemical formulations for consumer products to our programme.”

ZDHC has reviewed the SciveraLENS® standard in accordance with its standard procedure for approving a Certification Standard for indicating ZDHC MRSL Conformance and has been found to meet the requirements for acceptance as described in the ZDHC’s MRSL Conformance Guidance. Chemical formulations reviewed by SciveraLENS® will be recognised as having Level 1 conformance and will be listed on the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module.

"We are excited to be expanding our support of the ZDHC Programme," says Scivera President, Joe Rinkevich. "SciveraLENS®  offers textile chemical suppliers a fast and cost-effective way to validate the conformance of products against the ZDHC MRSL, as well as the ability to explore preferred alternative chemicals for product innovation.”

To become a ZDHC Accepted Certifier interested organisations have to go through an approval and acceptance process, as outlined in the ZDHC MRSL Conformance Guidance. To apply, interested organisations can click here.

About SciveraLENS®:

Founded in 2008, Scivera provides cloud-based software tools and consulting services to major consumer product brands and their global suppliers to support chemical regulatory compliance, alternatives assessment, product integrity goals, and corporate sustainability efforts. Scivera, SciveraLENS, and Rapid Screen are Trademarks of Scivera LLC. Learn more at www.scivera.com.