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ZDHC Committed Community Announcement June 2024

July 4, 2024


We warmly welcome two new Signatories!

As of June 2024, we warmly welcome two new ZDHC Signatories to the ZDHC Committed Community! We’ve asked each of them to tell us a little bit about their organisation, and why they are joining ZDHC.

As ZDHC Signatory Supplier 

The Italian Detox Consortium is made up of a group of suppliers and some chemical formulators based in Italy, who have been committed to Greenpeace Detox since 2016 and acknowledged how important it is to eliminate dangerous substances from the textile production cycle. The consortium was born from the need of some entrepreneurs to understand how to convert the production system to eco-sustainability while remaining faithful to the transparency principle imposed by Greenpeace commitment. 

The Consortium deals with all the activities of coordination, guidance and support for companies involved in Detox. Thanks to the collaboration with the best textile research laboratories, it carries out research for the development of knowledge tools of the production processes, to pursue full sustainability of the business activities from an economic, environmental and social point of view. In-depth research has been carried out on the contamination levels of dyes and auxiliaries used in the companies belonging to the Consortium. The consortium makes use of the expertise of the technical and scientific committee of which Greenpeace is a direct member. The companies that have signed the Detox commitment, through a common path represent various parts of the textile manufacturing chain. They include companies producing yarn, fabric and raw materials, dyeing and finishing yarns or fabrics, and producers of chemicals for the textile industry. Today the consortium has 37 member companies in various parts of Italy.

The Detox Commitment, signed by the companies in 2016, aligns perfectly with ZDHC's vision and mission to develop and implement best practices in sustainable chemical management along the value chain to achieve the elimination of hazardous chemicals from production cycles. They therefore share the vision of the ZDHC for the widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and the promotion of innovation and best practices in the textile and apparel industries. This is why they are pleased to contribute to the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program and support its development and growth within our business community.

“By joining ZDHC, we want to strengthen the Detox commitment. We already signed in 2016 and expanded the tools available to our companies. We hope to bring to ZDHC our experience related to the work done by our manufacturing companies in reducing chemicals from their production cycles throughout all stages of production.”

-- Andrea Cavicchi, president of the Italian Detox Consortium

As Signatory Friend of ZDHC Brand

Oxford owns brands that make people happy—from the relaxed island lifestyle of Tommy Bahama to the sunny optimism of Lilly Pulitzer and boho chic attitude of Johnny Was—because being happy never goes out of style. They are passionate about delighting customers with memorable experiences and products that evoke the people and places they love. From Oxford’s founding as a manufacturer of tailored clothing in 1942 to their ever- expanding portfolio of aspirational lifestyle brands, they take the long view- striving to embrace change, innovate, and deliver value over the long term.

We asked, and they answered: How does joining the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme support your existing sustainability strategy?

Oxford aims to reduce negative and drive positive social and environmental impacts through a corporate responsibility program designed to meet regulatory requirements, align with our values, ensure compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, and leverage collective action. Chemicals management within the supply chain is an integral aspect of our program, and ZDHC’s proven tools for chemicals management will help Oxford scale our program quickly to protect workers and the environment from harmful chemicals. We are excited to collaborate with ZDHC and our peers toward this common goal.

We welcome and look forward to working with all of our signatories in creating a world where better chemistry leads to the protection of life, land, air and water a reality!