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ZDHC Committed Community Announcement April 2024

June 5, 2024


We warmly welcome three new Signatories!

As of April 2024, we warmly welcome three new ZDHC Signatories to the ZDHC Committed Community! We’ve asked each of them to tell us a little bit about their organisation, and why they are joining ZDHC.

As a ZDHC Signatory Supplier

ZAKER, founded in 1996, is one of the pioneer companies to research and develop water-based (DMF Free) and plant-based new materials. At present, we mainly focus on product development, cutting-edge basic technology innovation and ecological construction of plant-based and water-based new materials.

ZAKER is committed to create low-impact alternatives to be used in our products, which reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and lessens carbon emissions in order to create a healthier world.

Therefore, the company's full range of products are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and a complete LCA (life cycle assessment) will be carried out to evaluate the quality of life related to all stages of the life cycle.

“Sustainable development is the development direction that ZDHC pays special attention to. ZDHC's values align well with ours. We think we're all part of nature, if we can be a ZDHC Signatory, we can work together, to reduce our impact, share solutions, and embrace regenerative pratices. We partner with another signatories to restore lands, air and water to a state of health; and to address the deep connections between environmental destruction and social injustice.”

-Shane Zheng, Founder of Zaker

As Signatory Friend of ZDHC Brand

Profuomo is a 3rd generation family business located in the Netherlands and we offer our customers comfortable men’s fashion made of premium fabrics and high quality craftsmanship.  ZDHC’s roadmap will help Profuomo to improve our environmental performance in the wet processing facilities we work with.

"Profuomo's Timeless Comfort also implies that we need to contribute to reducing our environmental impact, particularly concerning water management and chemical use. We believe that adopting the ZDHC roadmap to zero policy, which we consider the industry standard, can assist our facilities in improving year by year and working towards achieving a clean as possible wet processing by 2030. This also substantially contributes to reducing our footprint in scope 3 for Profuomo."

-Harry van der Zee, CEO

As Signatory Friend of ZDHC Brand

Vivienne Westwood is one of the last independent global fashion houses that designs, develops, and sells iconic goods, including women’s and menswear, footwear, accessories and lifestyle items. The Group is committed to strong, holistic action in the interest of artisans, supply chain workers, brand employees, customers, communities, and all relevant stakeholders.

Vivienne Westwood SRL, based in Milan, is the southern European Headquarter of the Group founded by Vivienne Westwood in the 1980’s and head quartered in London. VW SRL is responsible for a large part of the global operations, logistics, supply chain management, product development and production, R&D, and worldwide distribution of product lines, such as ready-to-wear, leather goods, soft accessories and footwear.

By adhering to the ZDHC guidelines, we can further ensure that the chemicals used in our production processes are safer both for the environment and our workers. VW aims at using fabrics and yarns compliant with the most stringent local and international standards, and monitors the SVHC chemical substances, guaranteeing a prompt reply and adjustments to the constant updates of limits and substances list. The ZDHC Programme provides VW with tools and frameworks to help monitor and verify the use of chemicals at every stage of production, promoting greater transparency and accountability across our supply network.

"We are thrilled to become a Signatory of ZDHC, aligning ourselves with leading global brands committed to driving positive environmental change. By integrating the innovative platforms, solutions, and standardised practices provided by ZDHC, we aim to enhance our chemical management processes across our supply chain. Together with the shared vision and dedication of the ZDHC community, we are eager to contribute to and accelerate the journey towards more sustainable and responsible fashion."

-Giorgio Ravasio, Country Manager Vivienne Westwood Italy

We welcome and look forward to working with all of our signatories in creating a world where better chemistry leads to the protection of life, land, air and water a reality!