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ZDHC Committed Community Announcement February 2024

February 23, 2024

We warmly welcome one new Signatory!

As of February 2024, we warmly welcome one new ZDHC Signatory to the ZDHC Committed Community!

As a Signatory Friend of ZDHC - Brand

EILEEN FISHER, Inc. has been making simple, timeless clothing for 40 years. A socially conscious company and a B Corp, EILEEN FISHER, Inc. designs its clothing to be part of a system of dressing, and in consideration for the entire lifecycle of the garment. Starting with sustainable materials, following responsible production and taking responsibility for it at the end of use by taking back its clothes to be resold (Renew) or remade into something entirely new (Waste No More and fiber-to-fiber recycling). The company’s clothes are sold online at eileenfisher.com, in more than 50 EILEEN FISHER, Inc. stores in North America and at over 500 department and specialty stores globally. Good-as-new pieces are resold at eileenfisherrenew.com and in two EILEEN FISHER, Inc. Renew stores.

We asked, and they answered: How does joining the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme support your existing sustainability strategy?

We have been working diligently with our supply chain partners to phase out hazardous chemicals and enhance chemical management. Joining the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero program provides us with a platform to connect with suppliers and to better implement chemical management within our supply chain. It also offers our suppliers easy access to an expanded list of safer chemistry, in addition to the solutions and support they need for CMS improvement.

We are excited that EILEEN FISHER, Inc. is now a Signatory Friend of ZDHC and look forward to working together with the ZDHC Committed Community to accelerate change. The platforms, solutions and harmonized standards afforded by ZDHC will only strengthen chemical management throughout our supply chain.

-Xiaofei Li, Senior Manager, Sustainable Material and Transparency

We welcome and look forward to working with EILEEN FISHER on creating a world where better chemistry leads to the protection of life, land, air and water a reality!