ZDHC Contributors are the driving force behind everything we've achieved so far. With courage and determination, these people and organisations support our work all over the world. They are essential to drive the ongoing success of our programme. We've come a long way together, and our journey continues.

The programme

ZDHC Programme

This is a collaboration of organisations from the textile, apparel, leather and footwear industry. We call them our Contributor Signatory Brands, Associates and Value Chain Affiliates. These talented experts help us develop and implement ZDHC guidelines and solutions. They are one step ahead of developments in chemical management, and they are making a difference.

The benefits

Why become a Contributor?

  1. Be positioned as a leader in a transforming industry
  2. Connect to expertise from across the value chain
  3. Network with key stakeholders
  4. Access a range of chemical management best practices
  5. Get advice on implementation best practices
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Become a Contributor

Each year our base of Contributors grows. Would you like to help develop and implement ZDHC solutions? Then apply to become a ZDHC Contributor.



Select the application form that applies to you. Then complete it in full and send it onto us.



We will assess your application against various criteria. You may be asked for further information.



On approval you complete final documentation. Then nominate your organisation's participant.

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